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Contact: Judith Kinser
School 7500 Dutch Branch Road Fort Worth Texas 76132 Phone: 817-321-0100 Website: Official Site Map: Location Map


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Trinity Valley School has four main objectives for its students: fine scholarship with its fulfillment at college; the development of wide constructive interest; intelligent citizenship; and spiritual and moral development which promotes lasting values.

The purpose of education is to arm students with the wisdom to make the world a better place. Trinity Valley School combines traditional practices with progressive approaches to create “a blend of excellence” in learning.

Trinity Valley’s goal is to provide students with a foundation to become imaginative inventors, artists, authors, physicians, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs – innovative leaders of all kinds. Personal growth is as important as academic growth. The school’s unique global program offers students the opportunities to interact and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and with differing opinions.

Trinity Valley School recognizes that there are many types of intelligence: linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, natural, manipulative, interpersonal, among others. A TVS education does not focus on just one or two to the neglect of others. The college-preparatory curriculum at TVS is carefully designated by remarkable educators to give students the freedom to expand the streams of thought by which they understand, examine, and solve problems they have never before encountered. TVS is about a timeless education. Visit Trinity Valley School to see the magic!


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7500 Dutch Branch Road Fort Worth Texas 76132